Evi Weyhe

Evi Weyhe

About me

Born in the Bavarian alpine upland, grown up in Munich, thereafter more than 25 years in Africa – Uganda, Seychelles, Kenya, and now since 1999 in Andalucia (Marbella, Tarifa, Estepona) – that is a short version of my life.

My love for Afrika

The years in Africa will remain unforgettable for me and I love that continent and the people.

No book will be enough to describe a life in Africa. Wonderful poetry has been published, movies have been made, about that continent, the people, the nature. There is a saying that Africa is like a disease. Once stepped on African grounds, the virus is already in you and one won’t get rid of it ever. I have made that very experience myself.

My children

Both my children grew up in Africa and kept their love for this continent in different ways. My daughter lives with her family in Hamburg, where she studied arts and literature and in many of her illustrated stories one can find African elements. www.birgit-weyhe.de

My son lives with his wife and two children in Pemba/Mozambique, where they run a small, but very special, ecological friendly tourist lodge. www.nzuwa.com

My new Life in Spain, Andalusia at the Costa del Sol

Here in Spain I found numerous things which remind me of Africa. The climate, nature, the pace and the “joie de vivre” , make me really feel home! I have tried to retain a bit of Africa here on the plot and I am happy to let you be part of it, when visiting for one of the events!

Late in life I met Steve. Together we form a good team and enjoy the same things in life. So we put into our work the same enjoyment as we get out of life. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

My love for African Art

Because of my love for art and design, I have collected African paintings and sculptures, which origin mainly from Ugandan and Kenyan artists. One can find fantastic art pieces in those countries, of which some of them never will have the chance to get exhibited.